Townley Grammar School

Townley Grammar School

Integrated into the existing 1930s building, the new 2 storey £2.84m extension at Townley Grammar School provides modern dining/catering facilities and improved disabled access to the ground floor, with ICT teaching spaces and staff facilities to the upper floor.

Named after Ada Lovelace, widely held to have been the first computer programmer, ICT classrooms in the new Ada Lovelace Computing Suite are designed for up to 30 computers, with specific rooms for conferences and group work. ‘Google’ themed colours feature on classroom walls and acoustic baffles to the new dining space, where a double height atrium connects first and second floors, flooding the area with natural light. Environmental modelling ensured window designs maximise natural light, whilst an innovative low energy ventilation and cooling system reduced capital and running costs.

In consultation with the school, a bold aesthetic was agreed to encourage students to notice and understand how the building ‘works’, leaving the steel frame exposed and mechanical and electrical services visible in classrooms and circulation space. Townley’s teachers and students were eager to try out their new facilities when they returned for the new academic year in autumn 2015.


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